IR Overview

CAR-T Summit in Boston

September 5, 2017 through September 6, 2017

Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center

Boston, MA 02210
United States


Pre-Summit Deep Dive Day, Tuesday, September 5

Session G, 3:00-5:00pm, Understanding and Overcoming the Tumor Microenvironment, Samik Basu, Director Adaptimmune Translational Science Research

Summit Day 1, Wednesday, September 6

8:45-10:00am, Industry Leaders’ Fireside Chat, James Noble, Adaptimmune Chief Executive Officer

11:50am-12:20pm, Building a commercial Engineered T-Cell Therapy Strategy, Helen Tayton-Martin, Adaptimmune Chief Business Officer

2:25-2:55pm, Applying Lifecylce Concepts to Advanced Stage T Cell Therapy Product Development, Michael Blackton